Live at the Sala Jacara, Madrid 14.07.1987

The great thing about the B.A.D. community is the spirit that exists within it. People have always been happy to share and help each other out, so when Indieground asked for someone to design cover artwork for a newly discovered source tape of this concert, I was happy to help out.

The tape, from a Radio 3 broadcast, is from the archive of a fan called Alf from Spain, the audio restoration was carried out by Indieground in France, and I designed the artwork in the UK, so as far as us B.A.D. fans are concerned the European Community is still going strong.

The audio and cover artwork is available to download here:  Beatboxes at Dawn!…




Las Vegas – 27.10.1995

JointwebThis was requested by Mr Par Satellite:

Normal service will be resumed very shortly…..:)

The Big Audio Dynamite Sound System

And Now Our Feature Presentation…

New year…new start, and the magazine is finally ready:

Planet B@d – Issue 1

Thanks to everyone for your help, encouragement and inspiration. Please click the link above to download.

Justice Tonight Tour

Planet BAD Manifesto – Winter 2011

Following the spring/summer concert dates B.A.D. related news has been a little quiet of late. However, when you consider that it was only last month when the band played their final show of the summer, and their rhythm section then went straight back on the road with Dreadzone, this is indeed understandable.

It’s the norm for bands to take time out following a hectic touring schedule, and as it’s highly likely that all of the respective group members were already committed to other projects before the re-union took place, I don’t think we should assume that no news is bad news. (If you’ll pardon the awful pun folks!)

Personally, I think there’s still a good chance that we will see more of B.A.D. in the new year, and if that’s not the case, we can all look back on some wonderful shows, new friendships formed, and generally happy memories of a triumphant reunion that many of us didn’t dare to hope would ever happen. It really has been a great year.

You may also have noticed that these pages have also been quiet lately, and there is a very good reason for this too. Whilst I find the blog format useful for posting quick updates such as tour dates and youtube clips, I’m not a great ‘blogger’ in the true sense of the word. Call me old fashioned, but I prefer to prepare documents and have them completely finished by the time I’m ready to upload to the web. So whilst this page will continue to have new content at (fairly) regular intervals, the way in which it is presented is going to be a little different.

From now on ‘Planet BAD’ will be a quarterly magazine in PDF format which will be posted to these pages. The blog format of the pages will give the opportunity for people to post comments, ideas and feedback, and as the magazine will be made available as a download, it will be much easier for people to save, archive or repost the information.

Planet BAD - Issue 1 - Coming Soon.

The first issue is due in November, and I would welcome articles, ideas, reviews etc. for future issues. So if you would like to get involved please drop me a line. I would like the magazine to be for the fans by the fans, and I think it would be more interesting for all concerned if the articles included are written from a number of differing perspectives.

Rebel Designs is also due an update, and whilst the design page is not exclusively devoted to B.A.D. inevitably there is a recurring theme there, and new B.A.D. related designs are also on the way. (See previews below).

The next post here will be the magazine launch, so as great philosopher once said, “keep the faith, Percy Faith…I’m gonna try, I swear”.

The B.A.D. Times, No.2, 1987

A lazy Sunday afternoon and I’m chilling out with a Trojan Records dub compilation. I blame The Clash’s “Sandinista”… or rather I THANK The Clash’s “Sandinista” for this.

Recent events on the current B.A.D. tour are currently being covered in detail elsewhere, so here’s a nice little trip down memory lane for y’all.

The B.A.D. Times, No.2 from 1987 converted to a PDF file.

The B.A.D. Times, No.2, 1987